5 Tips for Looking After Your Business’s Barcode Scanners Responsibly

5 Tips for Looking After Your Business’s Barcode Scanners Responsibly ? | Mobile Computer Repair - Barcode Scanner & Handheld Terminal Repair

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As we have previously detailed here on the Mobile Computer Repair blog, there are quite a number of industries that depend on barcode scanners as part of their day-to-day operations. And amid the current cost pressures on businesses, we’re sure you will agree that it makes sense to take care of your own firm’s barcode scanners, so that they don’t become damaged prematurely.

Yes, we are proud to make available a fast and cost-effective barcode scanner repair service. And sometimes, even with the best maintenance measures, you might need to have your barcode scanners repaired. But as a general rule, the more responsibly you look after your company’s barcode scanners, the longer you can expect them to last in optimum condition.

So, let’s take a look at just five of the most advisable barcode scanner maintenance tips.


Make Sure You Regularly Clean Your Barcode Scanners

This might seem like mere ‘common sense’; after all, even in the cleanest of working environments, it is likely that any barcode scanners used in them will accumulate dust and dirt over time. All of that muck can settle in the device’s gaps and crevices over time, maximising the likelihood of you having to call a barcode scanner repair specialist like MCR when the scanner one day seems to cease working.

But cleaning your firm’s barcode scanners responsibly isn’t just a question of giving them a quick ‘once over’ every now and then. The reading windows on these devices can be particularly sensitive – so if the window is made from plastic, for example, you should only use a damp cloth and mild cleansing agents to clean it, instead of a harsher product such as acetone.


Avoid Dropping the Device Frequently

Some barcode scanners can withstand drops better than others, and we would certainly advise you to check your own scanners’ ‘drop resistance’ on the specification sheet.

However, the fact remains that barcode scanners can contain a lot of important and sensitive parts, so you won’t want to heighten the chances of any of those parts becoming avoidably loose or damaged.

Most barcode scanners do tend to come with a wrist strap to help prevent them being dropped during operation, so you should make sure your firm’s personnel are trained in how to use it.

Keep The Barcode Scanner Away from Elevated Temperatures

Given that the typical staff member might not be using a particular barcode scanner all the time, it can be easy for these devices to be left in places that expose them to extreme temperatures. We’re talking about such instances as the device being left on a car or van’s dashboard on a sunny day, or close to obvious heat sources in the workplace.

Again, this is something that your employees should be trained to be vigilant about, to help ensure you don’t need to call in barcode scanner repair professionals quite so frequently.


Have A Consistent, Favourable Place to Store Your Barcode Scanners

If we can all agree – on the basis of the above tips – that keeping your firm’s barcode scanners somewhere especially hot or dusty is a terrible idea, it naturally follows that you need to store these devices somewhere that is suitable.

So that your personnel aren’t constantly having to remember not to casually put down the barcode scanner somewhere close to intense sunlight or dirt, why not have a consistent place to which they must always return the barcode scanner? There will almost certainly be somewhere on your business premises that would not expose these devices to direct sunlight, a lot of dust, or water.


Invest In a Barcode Scanner Case

Imagine going to the trouble of buying a protective case for your smartphone or tablet computer that might spend 95% of its time in your coat pocket, and not doing the same for the barcode scanners your business operationally depends on?

It’s much the same principle, really; putting your firm’s barcode scanners in protective cases will help shield them from damage if they are dropped, and even help keep some of that troublesome dust or water away from them. Equipping your barcode scanners with protective cases could be a simple step that helps greatly bolster their longevity.

If you are already following all of the above measures in the way your firm looks after its barcode scanners, well done – and keep going! But if you aren’t, you might have some important work to do to help reduce the risk of needing to call a barcode scanner repair service like ours.

However, even in the event that a barcode scanner of yours does stop working, don’t worry! Simply get on the phone to the MCR team or send us an email, and we can talk through how we can assist you and get your barcode scanners back up and running.