What industries are barcode scanners commonly used in?

What industries are barcode scanners commonly used in? | Mobile Computer Repair - Barcode Scanner & Handheld Terminal Repair

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When you think about barcode scanners, you may naturally think of supermarkets and smaller retail stores. After all, a barcode is the key to purchasing a product. It keeps an eye on the product’s price, which can be altered depending on the latest campaign, deal, or discount.

However, there are other industries that may require the use of barcode scanners for day-to-day business. Here are some examples of industries that you may not think require a barcode scanner, but which actually do need them for basic activities.

Home and Etsy businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic of the past few years has helped inspire a boom in home businesses that have flourished over the Internet. The likes of toys, accessories and clothes businesses have thrived thanks to social media and influencer marketing.

However, to send these packages out to people’s homes, suppliers need to have the right barcode placed on their envelopes and boxes. These barcodes don’t need to be industrial sized. Instead, they can actually be printed out through a desktop computer and a standard printer.

With the right barcodes printed, small business owners can feel confident that their packages will arrive in the right place.

Hospitals and healthcare

Interestingly, barcodes are also used in healthcare environments to help keep an eye on patients and their medical records.

By scanning barcodes next to the beds of different patients, healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses and specialists can see patients’ records, prescriptions, and medical treatments. This way, quality of care can be maintained and clients can be cared for effectively, especially if specific types of medication need to be provided.

For instance, if a patient is in a queue for medication, scanning a barcode can help the pharmacist discern what type of medication the patient will need a refill on. This can quicken the flow of patients and make sure customers remain happy, as they will not be pleased waiting for a long time in a queue.

Repair services

In order to keep abreast of the types of products that enter the facility, repair service providers are likely to organise their stock with barcodes. That way, they can keep track of the types of mechanical and electronic devices that come into their shop. There may even be times when barcode scanners need to be fixed!

Outside of hiring a barcode scanner repair service, repair workers will be able to scan a barcode to see what deadlines are coming up for certain products. Barcodes can even be used to pass on certain broken products to the right repair worker.

School systems

Recently, in order to keep school activities flowing, schools have been lending out school supplies to students. This has often included laptops and tablets.

In order to keep tabs on which student has what equipment, a barcode system can be introduced to ensure the property is returned when need be. Barcode technology can also be used for less expensive products that can encourage hobbies and skills, such as sports and art materials, as well as instruments and books. The barcode will let the school know when a return is overdue.

We suspect you didn’t realise just how wide-ranging – and widescale – the use of barcodes across various industry sectors really is! For more information about our own services and expertise in the repair of barcode scanners here at Mobile Computer Repair, please don’t hesitate to call or email us.