5 Key Functions of Zebra Mobile Computers and How to Take Advantage of Them

5 Key Functions of Zebra Mobile Computers – and How to Take Advantage of Them | Mobile Computer Repair - Barcode Scanner & Handheld Terminal Repair

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With its history dating back to the 1960s, Zebra has had plenty of time to establish a strong reputation for the sophistication, innovation, and reliability of its products.

That is no less the case when it comes to its mobile computers, which to this day encompass some of the industry’s most respected wearable computers, handheld computers, vehicle-mounted computers, and many more highly rated devices.

But do you know everything your own organisation’s Zebra mobile computers can do? If not, you might be interested in learning about some of these useful functions.

Test Scanning a Barcode on a Mobile Device

There are various Zebra devices – such as the MC9090, MC3390, RS419, or TC80 – with which you might wish to scan a barcode to validate that it is recognised by the scanner hardware and software.

Zebra advises users that wish to do this to scan it to the local software, instead of a remote host. This can be easiest done with either the DataWedge Demo or Wavelink TelnetCE.

Enabling File Transfer Between a Computer and Android Device

This advice applies specifically to devices running Android 6.0 or later. If you are looking to enable File Transfer (MTP) when connecting to a computer via USB, it is important to appreciate that from Android 6.0 onwards, device connections through the USB port are set to the charge-only mode by default. So, in order to use a USB connection to access the device and its content, you will need to explicitly grant permission for interactions of this type.

The steps of manually enabling file transfer are as follows: after unlocking your Android device and using the USB cable to connect it to your computer, pull down from the notification menu.

It will then simply be a case of tapping twice on ‘Android System: USB charging this device’, and selecting ‘File Transfer’. It will now become possible for you to copy files between your Android device and computer.  

Linking An Application to A Button on An Android Device

If you are looking to link an application to a button on an Android device, you might be able to do this using the KeyProgrammer tool.

In the event that this is possible with your Zebra mobile computer – examples including the likes of the MC92, TC51, and TC8000 – the process is straightforward. It will be a case of heading to the relevant Key Programmer screen via the settings, selecting which button to remap, and hitting the ‘Button Remapping’ tab or the ‘Shortcut’ tab that lists the available functions and applications.

Finally, you will just need to touch a function or application shortcut to map to the button.

Using The StageNow Tool to Set Wi-Fi to ‘Always On’

This function entails the generation of a StageNow barcode in order to set Wi-Fi sleep policy if you have a Zebra mobile computer that runs on Android.

More details about the specifics of the process can be found in Zebra’s own online support database. However, the essential stages are the following: you open StageNow in Administrator mode, before selecting ‘Create New Profile’ and then ‘MX version 4.3’. This will be followed by selecting ‘Xpert Mode’, before hitting ‘[Create]’.

From here, you will need to enter a profile name, followed by hitting ‘[Start]’. Under the ‘Settings’ tab, select ‘Wi-Fi’ and hit ‘[+]’. The ‘Config’ tab should list Wi-Fi; to continue, hit ‘[Add]’.

The default value for ‘Wi-Fi Sleep Policy’ will be ‘Do not change’. This can then be changed to the desired value, such as ‘Never Sleep’. Hit ‘[Continue]’ and review if you need to do so, before hitting ‘[Complete Profile>]’ and testing the finished profile.

You will still have a few more stages to pass through; from your Zebra Android device, launch the StageNow client, and scan the barcode from when you tested the completed profile. Once the device has been successfully staged, you will be able to close the StageNow client.

Finally, you will be done; the Wi-Fi sleep policy will be configured in accordance with your exact wish.

Enabling Physical Keypad Sound

Users of the MC2200, MC3300, or similar Zebra mobile computers will find it a quick process to enable or change sound for physical key presses on their devices. They just need to navigate to ‘Settings’, and then ‘Sound’, continuing through to ‘Zebra Volume Control’ and ‘Physical keypad volume’. By default, the sound is turned off.

Whether you are on the lookout for the best in Zebra handheld computer repair, or you just can’t get to the bottom of what seems to be bedevilling your Zebra barcode scanner, our team has in-depth expertise in fixing devices from this brand.

Please don’t hesitate, then, to call 01202 606070 for a more tailored and detailed conversation about your requirements with our Zebra mobile computer repair professionals.