Why Might Your Organisation Need to Use Mobile Printers?

Why Might Your Organisation Need to Use Mobile Printers?

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It’s not exactly “news” that we are now living in an increasingly mobile world, in which there is a greater tendency for many of us to spend extended periods of time well away from our employers’ main offices. Still, it is worth referring to the figures to see just how prominent that practice remains in 2023.

A lot of us think of homeworking as something that spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic, before receding when lockdown restrictions were lifted. However, there are also statistics indicating that as of May 2023, 37% of workers in Great Britain had worked from home at some point in the last seven days, even if almost three quarters (73%) of British workers also said they had travelled to work that week.

What does the above tell us? Well, it suggests that the tendency for many workers to base themselves from home, or operate remotely in other ways, has remained “stickier” than many people might have expected. And it also indicates that some of the practices to which many of us have been historically accustomed in our workplaces, may need to be reviewed and rejigged.

Introducing Mobile Printing, And Why It Is So Important

The term “mobile printing” is a pretty broad one; it refers to the various products and services that enable people to print documents when they are “on the go” – or in other words, not physically close to a traditional network or stationary printer in the office.

Among those mobile printing “products” are, of course, the mobile printers themselves. Often communicating using Bluetooth or 802.11 networking, these devices are compact and can be easily carried around by workers who might be constantly boarding trains or attending business meetings some distance away from their employer’s headquarters.

An exact setup for mobile printing can take many forms. Speaking in terms of broad principles, though, here are some of the reasons why your organisation might need to use mobile printers:

·       There is a need to print documents away from a traditional stationary printer. Whether your workers would benefit from being able to print somewhere within your premises that is not very close to a traditional printer setup, or they are nowhere near your offices, mobile printers can be instrumental in allowing for documents to be printed “on the go”.


·       You wish to reduce pressure on printer workstations in your offices. Not every printing task that needs to be undertaken within an organisation necessarily calls for the use of a complete desktop printer workstation, and those machines on your site may be subject to enough demand pressures already. Well-chosen mobile printing solutions can therefore help reduce this pressure.


·       Your organisation needs to print labels for barcodes and QR codes. Mobile printers are often designed and made with quite specific applications in mind, as is the case with label printers. Firms in retail and other sectors frequently depend on the constant printing of barcode labels, and the right mobile printers can help to boost productivity and make the working lives of staff much easier.


·       You are looking to save money on your organisation’s printing operations. At a time when it seems that businesses in every sector are under pressure to cut costs, your organisation may be considering investing in mobile printers to save it from having to set up multiple expensive printing workstations in its main offices. This can also help ensure your firm’s main in-house printers are only being used when it is essential for them to be used.


·       There is a need to free up time and resources for better customer service. Almost any organisation has clients or customers to deal with; however, your staff might presently be tied up in time-consuming and laborious processes that don’t make it easy for them to provide the professional and responsive service your customers or clients deserve. If your employees have mobile printers that allow them to finish off print jobs quickly and easily, this could free them up to devote more of their time and attention to delivering the best possible customer service.


But It’s Also Crucial to Maintain Your Firm’s Mobile Printers

While your organisation will get considerable value from its mobile printers if it invests in the most suitable devices in the first place, it is also important to practise responsibility in the use of those printers over time. That means adopting proactive maintenance and/or repair measures.

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