What Features Might You Want Your Firm’s Next Barcode Scanners to Have?

What Features Might You Want Your Firm’s Next Barcode Scanners to Have?

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Nowadays, most firms that provide paid products or services to customers have a barcode scanner to hand. A handheld barcode scanner from Datalogic, Honeywell, Zebra, or another leading brand can help you greatly increase check-out efficiency, and ensure you can keep a close eye on your stock.

However, not all barcode scanners are created the same. Different barcode scanners have different capabilities, and are suited to different environments.

With this in mind, it is important to ask yourself – even before you enter the market for new barcode scanners – what features you would like those devices you invest in to have.

So, we’ve set out some major features of today’s barcode scanners below, in the hope of helping you make your next purchase.

Single Or Multi-Line Laser

Barcode scanners can have a single or a multi-line laser, although multi-line scanners have become more common in recent years. A single-line laser directs out a single laser that creates a horizontal line to read a barcode. For multi-line barcode scanners, several lasers combine to make a grid with crossing lines. Any of these lasers are able to read a barcode.

As an industry tip, if an error occurs with the function of your firm’s barcode scanner, it could be due to a faulty laser-based illumination system.

In this situation, no matter what laser option you have chosen, it can be a good idea to seek the help of professionals such as those of Mobile Computer Repair.

Wired Or Wireless

A barcode scanner can be wireless, or it may be one that can be wired directly to a computer of your choice. This is generally through a USB or serial connection. Meanwhile, wireless scanners tend to use Bluetooth to connect to a base, which is then connected to a computer via USB.

Choosing between wired or wireless features of a barcode scanner will depend on the desires of your firm – do you want a barcode scanner to be manoeuvrable and easy to carry? If so, wireless features will be best.

QR Code Capabilities

QR codes are becoming even more relevant as time goes on, found on everything from restaurant tables to clothing store signs. And it’s vital that you consider whether the barcode scanners your firm wants in future should have QR code capabilities or not.

QR code capabilities may be optional in a barcode scanner depending on the specific requirements of your organisation. However, we believe they’re well worth investing in when you are looking to buy new such devices.

Cloud-based Operating Systems

Each leading barcode scanner on the market, whether Datalogic, Motorola, or another brand, will be running on an operating system of some kind. In the modern age, these systems are – more often than not – cloud-based.

Setting up a cloud-based barcode scanner is extremely easy; you download a cloud-based scanning app to an iOS or Android device, and hook up your firm’s barcode scanners.

The convenience of cloud-based operating systems is absolutely something to consider for your firm’s next barcode scanners.


Now, when we say “portability”, you might imagine that we’re simply referring to a barcode scanner being small and light enough to easily carry around.

Of course, those qualities do help make a given barcode scanner portable. But if your workers will be travelling around with their barcode scanners and using them in a variety of environments, it is also crucial that the chosen device is durable, water resistant, and able to perform in high temperatures.

Naturally, if you intend that your company’s barcode scanners will stay on one site that has consistently predictable and hospitable conditions, qualities like the above might be much less important in whatever new device you purchase.

Before We Forget…

As a go-to Honeywell, Datalogic, and Motorola scanner repair center – to cite just some of the device brands for which we provide services – we know how to help maintain and repair your new, high-tech barcode scanners.

If you notice any faults or issues in your firm’s barcode scanners, please don’t hesitate to enquire to Mobile Computer Repair as soon as possible.


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