A Quick Guide to Boosting the Operational Longevity of Your Honeywell VM1

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Organisations that require all manner of sophisticated mobile computers to support their operations could certainly do a lot worse than depending on the solutions of Honeywell.

The American company has a heritage spanning three centuries, and while it has long produced a dizzyingly broad and in-depth range of advanced products and systems, its vehicle-mounted computers have attracted particular acclaim among many audiences.

Indeed, Honeywell has been manufacturing vehicle-mount computers for more than three decades, with the Thor VM1, therefore, benefitting from hard-won specialist expertise.

With the vehicle-mount devices that make up the VM1 range incorporating features such as a Quick Mount Smart Dock for one-handed docking and undocking, as well as a field-replaceable keyboard and touchscreen, it is fair to say they are renowned for their functionality and useability.

It is also true, though, that even the industry-leading mobile computers in their category won’t deliver the operational lifespan that they perhaps should if they aren’t used and maintained responsibly over time.

So, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can look after your vehicle-mount computer more effectively, not least so that you can minimise your need for a VM1 repair service.

Take Good Care Over the Touchscreen

For obvious reasons, the touchscreen of a Honeywell VM1 tends to take a lot of punishment over time. There are certainly a lot of issues that can arise with a VM1’s touchscreen.

It is easy for many operators of this device to overlook seemingly inconsequential signs of wear, such as light scratches, only for bigger problems – such as the screen becoming cracked or unresponsive – to occur later. So, at the very least, you should be applying a protective film over the touchscreen of any VM1 your organisation is using, to prolong its operating life.

Be Alert to Issues with The Device’s Power Supply

The power supply might not be the very first thing that you expect to be an issue with your Honeywell VM1, but this might be precisely why you need to be so vigilant about it.

The tendency for a lot of Honeywell VM1 users is to keep their devices constantly plugged in; this, in turn, can heighten the risk of the connecting cables becoming bent, worn, or loose. And if wires are bent for extended periods, they might eventually become broken, work loose, or accumulate grime or dirt. There might even be issues with the rubber hosing cracking, thereby leaving wires exposed.

So, you should always keep a close eye on what your Honeywell VM1’s cables look like. Try to minimise pressure or pull on the connecting cables, and check the security of the strain relief clamps.

Keep The Device Clean

This might seem like relatively obvious advice. However, with Honeywell VM1s tending to be used in pretty tough environments, it is crucial to take relatively simple, but easily overlooked, steps to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust on the device.

Again, the touchscreen is an especially vulnerable part of the computer in this regard. Honeywell’s manual for the VM1 includes useful tips for the cleaning of glass components like the touchscreen, including first taking off any removable protective film from the screen, and using isopropyl alcohol – or a standard household cleaner – to clean smudged or soiled areas of glass. The cloth should be dampened with the cleaner, followed by wiping of the surface.

For the cleaning of glass surfaces, users of the Honeywell VM1 should avoid turning to harsh chemical-based cleaning fluids or paper towels, as this can lead to damage. Instead, it is advisable to use a clean, damp, lint-free cloth.

The above is far from the only things you can do to extract greater longevity from any Honeywell VM1s presently in use among your workforce, but your knowledge of these tips should hopefully provide a strong starting point.

Don’t forget that if you do encounter any issues with your firm’s vehicle-mount computers that you can’t seem to fix within your company, here at Mobile Computer Repair, we are well-qualified experts in Honeywell VM1 repair. So, please feel free to contact us for further advice and guidance, and to request our free-of-charge assessment service.

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