What Can Your Organisation Do with a Zebra MC9300?

What Can Your Organisation Do with a Zebra MC9300?

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Zebra is a leading manufacturer of barcode scanners in the UK. In fact, over three million workers use an MC9000 Series mobile computer to streamline processes across the world. This showcases the reliability, practicality, and functionality of Zebra scanners among organisations in the UK.

With organisations needing to organise and ship orders out each day at seemingly ever-faster speeds, the Zebra MC9300 continues to be instrumental in many firm’s day-to-day operations. Zebra MC9300 scanners have proven to be durable and reliable. 

What Can You Do with the Zebra MC9300?

Zebra MC9300 scanners are capable of handling all an organisation’s applications due to their in-processing power and memory. They are installed with new data capture abilities including a front and back camera, fantastic scan ranges, and incredible direct part mark capture.

When compared to the MC9200 model, the new battery runs twice as long with a single charge. On top of this, the Zebra MC9300 can capture numerous barcodes with a single scan, as well as entire forms. SimulScan enables a business to capture multiple labels on boxes and pallets that contain several barcodes. This makes the scanning process far more efficient for every organisation that uses the MC9300.

What’s more, is that the Zebra MC9300 actually doubles as a walkie-talkie, enabling workers to take advantage of the scanner’s push-to-talk capability through the use of voice-over technology.

The device also incorporates simple pairing features; with just one click, your workers will be able to pair the device with a ring scanner, mobile printer or even headset. Touchscreen and keyboard input are key features of the MC9300, too.

In addition, the device makes possible ultra-high-resolution photos and videos that can greatly help improve productivity within an organisation. A rear-facing camera captures highly detailed photos and videos to document proof of condition and proof of compliance. This feature can be extremely useful for your organisation’s reliability and reputation and therefore having these devices fully operational at all times is a must. In order to help, we have Zebra mobile computer repair services and an experienced team to help you every step of the way.

Advantages Of the Zebra MC9300 for Your Organisation

With its advanced technology, the Zebra MC9300 offers an array of benefits to help your organisation be successful. So, what are some of the best perks it has to offer?

Advanced-Data Capture

No matter where your barcodes live at your business, whether they be high up on stacked shelves or simply in your hand, the MC9300 is capable of capturing them all, with a range reaching as far as 70 feet if needs be. To add to that, the Zebra MC9300 can even capture challenging part marks with ease.

Easy to Use

The device has been created with comfort in mind, offering the perfect weight for all-day use, along with an ergonomic pistol grip, making it easy to use for your workers.


With the MC9300 model, the user will experience excellent processing powers, with 16x more flash memory than the previous MC9200 model, and 8x more RAM. Likewise, the device offers Bluetooth Low Energy, which helps to save power while performance remains improved.


The MC9300 model is suitable for all kinds of environments, from flammable gases and materials to freezers. The device comes equipped with a vibrating feedback mode for scanning in noisier work settings.


The MC9300 is a solid and reliable device with long-lasting battery life. Furthermore, the model is glove-friendly to use and can survive 2.4-metre drops.

Strong Wi-Fi Connection

Every worker in your organisation will have the best possible Wi-Fi connection throughout their shift with Mobility DNA Wireless. This DNA tool delivers immediate application response time, excellent roaming performance, and superb voice quality.

Zebra MC9300: Helping Your Business Thrive

With the multitude of functions available with the Zebra MC9300, your organisation will be able to operate more productively and efficiently. This new model will open doors which wouldn’t be possible without its new technological advancements.

With our expertise in the repair of Zebra scanners in the UK here at Mobile Computer Repair, we can be your indispensable partners when something goes wrong with your device – which will hopefully be a rare event. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to find out more. about our Zebra mobile computer repair services. 

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