A Few Easily Overlooked Features of the Symbol MC9190

A Few Easily Overlooked Features of the Symbol MC9190

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The Symbol MC9190 is a durable “scan gun” device, complete with built-in barcode scanning capabilities. This tool, offered by the Symbol Technologies company that has a history dating to the 1970s, enables increased productivity for workers, allowing immediate wireless printing, data collection, distribution, and storage.

The successor to the Symbol MC9090, the MC9190 is renowned as a rugged, high-performance mobile device and RF terminal. It offers improved processing power and newer OS and firmware updates compared to the device it replaced.

So, we decided that for today’s blog post, we would delve into some of the features of the Symbol MC9190 that you might have easily (and understandably) missed.

Why Consider Using the MC9190?

For businesses requiring long-lasting and hard-wearing use, such as organisations based in warehouses, loading ports and other intense environments, the Symbol MC9190 is ideal. This is largely due to its durability, as it can emerge intact after being dropped as much as six feet – a feature that makes it one of the most durable devices of its kind on the market.

What is also ultra-convenient is the device’s compatibility with a wide selection of MC9000 accessories. So, what are some other easily overlooked features of the Symbol MC9190?

·  Impressive Performance

The Symbol MC9190-G provides 256MB of RAM, and has a Marvell PXA320 processor at 806 MHz. In terms of its operating system, users can choose between Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 and Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.

· Extensive Data Capture

This device provides an impressive extended-range scanner engine reading up to 45 feet away. In addition, it can read PDF417 barcodes found on driver’s licences and other documents and can read a range of DPM marks on metal, plastic and glass surfaces.

· Adaptability to Different Environments

The Symbol MC9190 can operate in temperatures from as low as -20°C to as high as 50° C. It can also cope with humidity from 5% to 95% non-condensing.

What is extremely impressive about the device is that it can survive several drops of concrete from as high as six feet, and will survive 2,000 one-metre tumbles. Meanwhile, the device has six interchangeable keypads that allow you to change to the keypads you need quickly and efficiently.

· Protected Data

The Symbol MC9190 adds native FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certification, bringing government-grade security to organisations. Unlike the situation with many other devices, the security features offered by the Symbol MC9190 will not impact the performance of the device or the productivity of workers.

· Battery Saving

This device operates with an integrated accelerometer, which preserves battery power because when the device is not being used, it will automatically power down to sleep mode to save power. This also helps to improve worker safety.

· Improved Worker Safety

What’s exceptional about the device is that alarms can be set to alert team members when a dropped device remains motionless. This could indicate to workers that a potential injury or illness has occurred, and provide additional safety for workers who spend their time in remote areas of the given premises by themselves.

· Real-Time Tracking

With the assistance of RFID technology, keeping track of your Symbol MC9190 devices will be so straightforward. The movement and location of all your devices will become instantly visible from the minute they arrive at your facility.

The Symbol MC9190: Is it Worth It?

The Symbol MC9190 can help to improve productivity and accuracy even in the most extreme workplace environments, ranging from boiling deserts to subzero temperatures.

The device is capable of capturing almost any barcode, even if the label has been damaged, making scanning simpler than ever before, whether it is a couple of inches away or 40 feet away.

The Symbol MC9190 has amazing memory capabilities and dependable performance rates. Another great boon is that the MC9190 is compatible with existing MC9000 series accessories.

Reach Out to Trustworthy Repair Specialists

Are you looking for a Symbol repair centre? As is the case with all technology, sometimes, your Symbol MC9190 device might fail or malfunction, regardless of whether it has been taken care of properly. If this happens, you might wish to reach out to a repair service that has an excellent reputation, such as the one we provide here at Mobile Computer Repair.

If you find yourself needing an MC9190 repair, choose us. We take great pride in our efficient and great-value repair services, and we offer a free-of-charge assessment service; simply email us or call 01202 946070 to learn more and to arrange your repair.

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