What Should You Do If You Need Help with Your Rugged Symbol TC25 Smartphone?

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Sometimes referred to as the Zebra TC25, the Symbol TC25 has long been appreciated by many small business owners and employees. This rugged smartphone helps workers in such industries as plumbing, electrical work, and parcel delivery to get more done in the average day, with less stress.

With its standout features encompassing the likes of 4G and VoLTE support, HD calling, and almost effortless point-and-shoot barcode scanning capability, the Symbol or Zebra TC25 still serves great numbers of small firms with distinction.

However, with this product model having been discontinued by Zebra in 2020, and service and support from the manufacturer only set to be available until March 2024, you might be more anxious these days about every little thing that could go wrong with your firm’s own TC25 devices.

As your company’s TC25s get older, it might become harder to find relevant Symbol repair parts and resources, so we can well understand your anxiety.

However, the good news is that for the foreseeable future, help will still be at hand from a number of places if you encounter any problems with your business’s TC25 smartphones. Here at Mobile Computer Repair, we are a highly reputable and experienced source of such help.


The User Manual Contains Solutions to Many Common Issues

While there are a fair few things that can go wrong with a Symbol TC25, a lot of those common issues have relatively simple solutions. This much is made clear by the troubleshooting section of the Symbol TC25 user manual.

Examples of those simple problems include:

  • If your TC25 fails to turn on when you press the power button, it might be because of the battery needing to be charged or replaced, or the system having crashed – the latter a situation necessitating a reset.
  • If, during data communication over Wi-Fi, no data is transmitted, this might be due to the Wi-Fi radio not being on, which means the user will need to turn it on. Or the user may have moved out of range of an access point, so simply moving closer to an access point will solve the problem.
  • If, during data communication over Bluetooth, no data is transmitted, you’ll know from the above what the issue might be – specifically, the Bluetooth radio not being on, so you may need to turn it on. This problem can also occur, however, due to Bluetooth devices in the vicinity not being turned on, or such devices not being in discoverable mode.
  • If tapping a window button or icon doesn’t cause the corresponding feature to activate, this suggests the device is not responding, and that you should therefore reset the device.
  • If reading a barcode using the TC25 doesn’t cause it to be decoded, this might be a consequence of a scanning application not being loaded on the device – in which case, you should load one, or enable DataWedge. This issue can also arise, though, due to the barcode having been defaced, and therefore rendered unreadable. Or you might simply need to place the TC25 within proper scanning range, as the problem may be an incorrect distance between the exit window and the barcode.


What To Do If Your Symbol TC25 Still Has a Problem

The above user manual, combined with the other support resources provided on the Zebra website for the TC25, should be sufficient to enable you to deal with the vast majority of problems that are likely to occur with your rugged smartphone.

It’s worth bearing in mind, however, that here at Mobile Computer Repair, we have an excellent track record in Symbol TC25 repair – and indeed, in the repair of all Symbol barcode scanners.

We can assess your Symbol or Zebra TC25 free of charge, so that we can quickly get to the bottom of whatever persistent issues you may be facing with your rugged smartphone. And don’t forget that if you would like to proceed to have your device repaired by us, you will only need to pay for any repairs for which the cost has been approved.

Simply get in touch, or give us a call on 01202 946070, for further information and advice.


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