How To Help Extend the Lifespan of Your Zebra TC75

How To Help Extend the Lifespan of Your Zebra TC75 | Mobile Computer Repair - Barcode Scanner & Handheld Terminal Repair

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The Zebra brand has long been associated with some of the finest work-focused mobile computers available, and it’s hard to reach a different conclusion about the TC75 model.

This rugged smartphone is designed for use by field workforces in demanding outdoor environments, and it has attracted rave reviews in relation to exactly this.

Writing for TechRadar in 2017, for example, Désiré Athow remarked in a four-star review that the TC75x offered “impressive” build quality and performance relative to its competition.


A Discontinued, But Still-popular Rugged Smartphone

Also sometimes referred to as the Motorola or Symbol TC75, this tough and no-nonsense smartphone might have been discontinued from Zebra’s product range in early 2020, but it remains in use in many organisations.

Features such as its ability to capture various types of data, such as 1D and 2D barcodes, videos, photos, and NFC tags, as well as the scope for instant push-to-talk communication with colleagues “in the field”, have helped to keep the TC75 relevant.

What’s more, Zebra is still set to provide support for the TC75 until 1st May 2025, so as rugged smartphones go, it is by no means completely outmoded just yet. Plus, here at Mobile Computer Repair, we’re always available to take a look at, and fix, your Zebra TC75 if you do encounter any serious problems with it.

But as they say, prevention is better than cure. And at a time when so many businesses are finding their margins under pressure, you might be anxious to try to eke a few more years out of your own organisation’s TC75s.

So, how can you accomplish that? Below, we have set out some useful tips that will hopefully save you from having to enquire to us about our Symbol, Zebra, or Motorola TC75 repair services anytime soon.


Keep The Device as Free of Dirt as Possible

The Zebra TC75 may be designed to cope in difficult outdoor conditions, but that doesn’t mean you should be reckless about what you subject the device to. The fact is, the better you look after your TC75, the longer it is likely to last in healthy operating condition.

This means you should do everything possible to keep the phone away from especially damp, wet, or dusty environments, and you certainly shouldn’t store the device in such conditions.

Regular cleaning of your TC75 will also be crucial for extending its lifespan. The user guide accompanying the device will provide more information on the specifics of this, which include avoiding the use of chemicals that could damage the plastics of the device, and avoiding the application of liquid directly to the phone. Instead, you should use pre-moistened wipes, or dampen a soft cloth.


Only Use the Supplied Stylus on The Device’s Screen

The TC75 includes a touch-sensitive glass screen, and while it is intended to be a rugged smartphone, this screen can still be susceptible to damage if mistreated.

One classic mistake that many users of the device make, is touching the display with an object other than the supplied stylus (or a plastic-tipped pen that is designed to be used on a touch-sensitive screen). An actual pen or pencil, for instance, is likely to scratch the screen.


Take Care of The TC75’s Battery

Again, there’s a lot we could say on this subject, with a lot more detail contained in the official user guide. But in a nutshell, the principle here is to follow responsible and safe practices when it comes to using, storing, and charging the battery of your Zebra, Symbol, or Motorola TC75.

Some of those good practices will be more obvious than others. For example, you must ensure that when the battery is being charged, neither the battery nor the charger are subject to temperatures lower than 0 degrees C (32 degrees F), or temperatures exceeding 40 degrees C (104 degrees F).

Remember that if you mistreat your TC75’s battery, this could bring about a fire or an explosion. So, it is a basic health and safety matter, not just one of how long the device will stay in functional and useable condition.


Be Proactive in Tackling Any Serious Problems With The Device

As those of you reading this who are experienced in the use of rugged and work-oriented smartphones and mobile computers will know, this category of device can be vulnerable to a lot of faults and malfunctions. And if you simply try to “get by” with a problem instead of fixing it, you could risk making the issue worse over time.

So, if you do have any problems with your Zebra TC75 that aren’t easily and quickly fixed by information in the troubleshooting section of the accompanying user guide, you will need to move fast.

That might entail reaching out to our own Motorola TC75 repair professionals at Mobile Computer Repair. Indeed, we can offer a free-of-charge assessment of your device, to help narrow down what the source of the given issue could be.

Get in touch today, or call 01202 946070, and we will be pleased to talk you through the problem with your TC75, so that we can discuss the most suitable next steps to take.

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