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PDA Repair

In the recent history of computing, a PDA - or personal digital assistant - has long held favour for many people seeking to collect a wide array of data, such as contacts and other lists, for ready access on the move. Here at Mobile Computer Repair, we can speedily fix many different models of PDA from a wide range of manufacturers - whether those devices are put to personal use or utilised in an industry sector like transport, distribution, field service or healthcare.

The history and influence of the PDA

The first use of the term "PDA" was by the then Apple Computer CEO John Sculley on 7 January 1992. Since then, many different PDAs have come and gone, and their popularity also led to the emergence of the smartphone. Tablet computers also have much of the functionality of PDAs.

Influential PDA manufacturers during the years have included the British company Psion, the mobile devices of which we can fix include devices from the Teklogix, Teklogix Omnii and Workabout Pro ranges. Please contact us to learn more about what PDAs we are capable of fixing for your benefit.

What we can deliver here at Mobile Computer Repair

Our repair staff have directly worked with leading industry manufacturers and national service organisations for years - and this experience stands them in good stead for repairing your own device at our facility in the Dorset coastal town Poole. In fact, each month, over 600 devices are repaired at this centre. And you don't have to be located in or near Poole to make use of our services - we serve customers in locations spanning the wider areas of the United Kingdom and Europe.

Once you have sent your broken device off to our Poole facility for repair, the turnaround time is just 3-5 working days as standard. Furthermore, we offer a collection and delivery service that can be provided in just one working day and is fully insured. We also throw in flexible service options, competitive pricing, and the ability to have your device undergo an initial assessment by our expert team free-of-charge before you commit to paying for any of the necessary repairs.

How to benefit from our PDAs repair service

First, see if the manufacturer and model of your PDA are included in our website's list of the devices that we can repair. If your device isn't listed, please get in touch with us, as we might still be able to provide assistance. Once you've discerned that sending your faulty gadget to us is indeed an option, you can choose from a broad choice methods for arranging a repair.

You can call us by phone on 01202 606070; complete the contact form on our website; email rma-request@mobilecomputer-repair.co.uk; use our web portal to log the broken device, or dispatch the item directly to our Poole-based repair centre. Our website includes more information about how to make use of any of these options. You can then look forward to an efficient repair service.

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