How Well Futureproofed Are Your Firm’s Mobile Computers?

How Well Futureproofed Are Your Firm’s Mobile Computers?

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The start of a new year means many different things to many different individuals and businesses. One thing it is likely to mean for many an organisation is the opportunity to reflect on certain assets and equipment of theirs, and consider whether they are well-served by their current arrangements, or whether they may instead need to implement certain changes.

There is no question that we are living in a world – in both personal and corporate settings – that is increasingly oriented around mobile computing. While in 2021, for example, there were nearly 14 billion mobile devices in the world, it is predicted that this will rise to 18.22 billion by 2025.

That’s before one even considers the statistics reminding us of the ever-heightening role of mobile devices in the workplace – such as the fact that seven in 10 employees keep their phones “within eye contact” at work, and 82% of IT executives have said smartphones are highly important to employee productivity.

But it is one matter to know about the universal relevance and applicability of mobile computers in the workplace, and quite another thing to determine whether you have the right such devices in use at your organisation right now, or instead need to consider upgrading or replacing.

Let’s take a look, then, at some of the factors that will dictate how well “futureproofed” your firm’s present mobile computers are.


Ease Of Use

It would be tempting to imagine that an “easy to use” hand held terminal device or other mobile computer in, say, 2003 or 2013, would also be considered “easy to use” in 2023.

But of course, in much the same way as technology advances, so does design. The leading manufacturers of mobile computers are constantly optimising even the finest points of such devices’ form factors and ergonomics. So, there might be newer devices on the market that could help enhance your workforce’s productivity if you were to invest in them right now.



Isn’t durability something else that would be relatively universal across the various mobile computers designed, made, and sold throughout the ages?

Not necessarily; recent years, for instance, have seen the emergence of many mobile computers that are specifically designed to be “rugged”. They might therefore be a better option for standing up to harsher conditions, thereby maximising lifespan, than whatever devices your organisation depends on right now.


Data Collection

The aspect of “futureproofing” mobile devices that most concerns many organisations, is the specific technologies their devices use. And with data being such a driving force of business success in the 2020s, you will need to consider the types of data your organisation’s present mobile devices can collect, and the manner in which the data is entered.

Different mobile devices naturally process different barcodes, symbologies, and tags. So, if there are specific types of barcode that you will need your devices to be able to handle – such as 1D/2D barcodes and QR codes – you will have to check whether your current devices can do this. If not, certain devices in your “fleet” may need to be replaced altogether.


Technical Support and Warranties

There are naturally many different manufacturers of mobile computers and related devices out there, encompassing both familiar and slightly lesser-known names such as Bluebird, Datalogic, Honeywell, Intermec, Motorola, and so on.

The specific brand behind your organisation’s present “fleet” of mobile devices may be relevant, because these brands can often differ in the ongoing technical support they can provide, as well as the reliability of their devices (bearing in mind, a more dependable device will leave you having to seek out that brand’s customer service staff less frequently in the first place).

So, be sure to ask yourself questions like: are there any warranties covering our mobile devices, and are there extended warranties available? What about the given manufacturer’s current technical support offering – is it adequate even when it comes to devices of theirs that might have been discontinued many years ago?


Don’t Forget You Have Mobile Device Repair Options, Too

Hopefully, the above will have equipped you with crucial knowledge when you are looking to ensure your organisation’s present mobile computers can stand up to the demands of 2023. That, in turn, will help you decide whether any of your current devices might need to be upgraded or replaced.

Remember that if any of your firm’s mobile computers malfunction, you don’t necessarily need to immediately replace them. Whether you are looking to repair a PDA, barcode scanner, or any other type of mobile computing device, the team at Mobile Computer Repair can help; simply email or phone us today, on 01202 606070, for further information and advice.

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