5 Things You Might Not Have Known About Your Honeywell Dolphin 9900

5 Things You Might Not Have Known About Your Honeywell Dolphin 9900

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For many organisations and workforces that need the handheld devices they use to deliver a high level of performance, durability, and reliability, there could scarcely be a better option than the Honeywell Dolphin 9900.

This device – also sometimes referred to as the Intermec Dolphin 9900, Honeywell having acquired Intermec in 2013 – is also easy to use, and well-suited to scan intensive applications.

But if your organisation is presently using the Honeywell Dolphin 9900, do you know everything that you need to know about it, in order to extract the maximum potential from it and ensure continued trouble-free operation of the device?

Below, we’ve set out five things about this wireless handheld terminal that you may not have been aware of.


The Device Has a Wealth of Front Panel Features

Even just looking at the front of this mobile computer, there are certain things that you might not have fully known or appreciated about the Dolphin 9900.

Those include the fact that there are three keyboard options (35-key numeric/alpha keyboard, 43-key numeric/alpha keyboard, and 56-key full alpha/numeric keyboard), as well as that the touch panel display is covered with an industrial, protective lens in order to enhance durability.


Various Peripherals and Accessories Can Be Bought for It

Your organisation might be able to get even more out of its Dolphin 9900 devices if it has certain extra items – available separately – to use with it.

Available options include charging and communication cradles such as the Dolphin HomeBase and Dolphin Mobile Base, as well as the Dolphin Mobile Mount – which holds a Dolphin terminal securely in place inside a vehicle – and protective holsters and enclosures.


It’s Easy to Enable the Bluetooth Radio

The Bluetooth capabilities are a key selling point of the Honeywell Dolphin 9900. The Bluetooth radio on the device can be enabled via the Dolphin Wireless Manager; users can get there by tapping Start, Settings, and then heading to the Connections tab.

Once you have reached the Wireless Manager, you simply need to tap anywhere inside the Bluetooth rectangle, and Bluetooth will begin activating. When the radio is activated – in other words, it is transmitting a signal – the OFF button will change to ON.

That’s it – the Bluetooth radio will now be transmitting a signal. However, additional text in the Bluetooth section of the Wireless Manager will also indicate whether the Bluetooth radio is, or is not, discoverable by other Bluetooth devices.

By default, your Dolphin 9900 won’t be discoverable by other Bluetooth devices; however, this can be changed via Settings and the Mode tab.


You Can Reboot the Device by Removing the Main Battery

The Honeywell or Intermec Dolphin 9900 is generally a trouble-free device to operate. However, as is the case with any other mobile computer, you might encounter problems with its functioning from time to time.

One such problem could be the device locking up, not powering on, or not responding in any way to the power button. The good news is that removing and discharging the main battery should help you boot up your Dolphin 9900 again, so that you can get back to using it.


Repair Specialists Are Available to Help Fix Your Dolphin 9900

OK, so this is something you might already be aware of if you are browsing this site, but it is worth emphasising nonetheless. Even when you are extremely careful and responsible in how you use and maintain your Dolphin 9900, you can’t eliminate the risk of needing repair work to be carried out on it from time to time.

Hopefully, that won’t happen very often for your own organisation. But if it does, you may be pleased to know that here at Mobile Computer Repair, we have an excellent reputation as specialists in Honeywell barcode scanner repair.

In the event, then, that you do encounter any issues with your Dolphin 9900 that aren’t easily solved through the usual troubleshooting processes, you are welcome to contact us today about our free-of-charge assessment service.  

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