How To Resolve 5 Classic Problems That Can Happen with The Zebra MC9190-G

How To Resolve 5 Classic Problems That Can Happen with The Zebra MC9190-G | Mobile Computer Repair - Barcode Scanner & Handheld Terminal Repair

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Of all the companies out there that specialise in products capable of automatic identification and data capture, there are few firms as renowned as Zebra Technologies Corporation. With its history dating back to the 1960s, Zebra has a longstanding track record as a source of barcode scanners, mobile computers, and related equipment.

One of the devices that has helped to sustain this reputation in recent times is the Zebra MC9190-G. Also sometimes referred to as the Motorola MC9190-G or Symbol MC9190-G, this rugged mobile computer has long been highly regarded due to features like its gun-style ergonomics, industry-leading 3.7-inch high-resolution backlit colour VGA touchscreen display, and ability to scan almost any barcode – even in cases where the label has been damaged.

But even the highest-rated and most reliable devices in their category can be prone to developing issues with their functionality and performance from time to time, especially given the punishment that they might be subjected to on a daily basis.

The Zebra MC9190-G is no different in this regard. But what are some of the problems that you are likeliest to encounter with this mobile computer, and how can you tackle them?

The MC9190-G Fails to Turn On

This is the classic problem of all classic problems that can occur with the Zebra MC9190-G, and there are a few different things that could be at fault. That, naturally, will affect how you get your MC9190-G started again.

It could be that the device’s lithium-ion battery hasn’t been installed properly – in which case, following the battery installation instructions in the user manual should be enough to correct the problem. Alternatively, you might need to charge or replace the battery if  the issue is due to it not being charged.

A system crash can also be at fault for an MC9190-G not turning on. In that case, the first step is to perform a warm boot, followed by a cold boot if the device still isn’t turning on.

The Characters Aren’t Visible on The Display

This one is usually a straightforward enough problem to resolve – it is normally an indicator that the device isn’t powered on. Pressing the power button should therefore be sufficient to make the characters appear again on the screen.

The MC9190-G Does Not Accept Scan Input

There are quite a few things that could conceivably cause your Zebra MC9190-G to be ineffective as a scanning device. It might be that the unit isn’t loaded with a scanning application, so you should check this. Or the barcode might be unreadable due to the symbol having been defaced.

The MC9190-G can also sometimes fail to scan if it is not within proper scanning range – in other words, if the distance between the exit window and barcode is incorrect. Alternatively, the device might not have been programmed to accept the type of barcode being scanned.

As the above examples show, the reason for your MC9190-G failing to accept scan input could be something disarmingly simple, or it could be something a bit more complicated.

Don’t forget that if nothing seems to work, there are skilled and experienced Zebra MC9190 repair professionals here at Mobile Computer Repair who can take a closer look at the device for you, and help ensure it is quickly back up and running.

The MC9190-G Is Unable to Find Nearby Bluetooth Devices

It might seem almost too obvious to mention, but this problem might have occurred simply because you aren’t close enough to the other Bluetooth device(s) you’re trying to use – you need to have your MC9190-G within a 10-metre range of said devices.

Or if that’s not the cause of the issue, it might be that the nearby Bluetooth devices haven’t been turned on or are not in discoverable mode. So, turning on and setting such devices to discoverable mode should quickly solve the problem.

The Device Keeps Powering Down to Protect Memory Contents

This typically happens as a consequence of the MC9190-G’s battery being low. So, simply recharging the battery should be enough to stop this frustrating powering-down phenomenon.

There you have it – five issues that can occur with the Motorola, Zebra, or Symbol MC9190-G, and our suggestions for how to tackle them.

Unfortunately, for some of you reading this, even the above advice might not be enough to correct whatever issues you are experiencing with your mobile computer. In that case, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team, who will be able to carry out a complete Zebra MC9190 terminal repair if this turns out to be necessary.


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