If Your Device Is Struggling to Scan QR Codes, How Can You Fix This?

Device Struggling to Scan QR Codes? - How To You Fix It

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It is quite remarkable to think of the stellar journey that the humble QR code, or “quick response” code, has undergone in recent times. Although QR codes were developed in Japan in the 1990s, many of us have become accustomed to seeing them as if they were a 2020s invention, so widespread a sight have they become in our daily lives in more recent years.

But of course, we aren’t only referring here to how QR codes seemed to suddenly pop up on all manner of pub and restaurant tables during the COVID-19 crisis.

The scanning of QR codes is, after all, also something that might be done for a variety of commercial and industrial applications, ranging from product tracking and inventory management to document management and broader marketing.

Unsurprisingly, then, great numbers of popular mobile computer and barcode scanner models incorporate QR code scanning capability. However, if you find yourself hovering your chosen device near a QR code one day, and it doesn’t seem to be scanning, you don’t necessarily need to enquire to us about our barcode scanner repair service as your very first move.

So, what can you do to help resolve such apparent malfunctioning? Here, we have set out some vital steps to follow.


Make Sure the Lighting and Distance Are Correct

If you have been using the given barcode scanning device for a while, and it has only just begun to fail to scan QR codes, it might seem unlikely that this is due to insufficient light, or the device being positioned too near or too far away from the barcode.

Still, these are possibilities that are especially worth bearing in mind if something has obviously changed about your routine. For example, you might be using a different device to the one you normally use, or you may have moved to a different part of your usual workspace.

And of course, if you are in any doubt, it is worth consulting the given device’s user manual as well. You are likely to find a “troubleshooting” section in the user guide that might draw your attention to basic, easy-to-overlook errors in how you are holding or trying to scan with the device.


Ensure The Camera Lens Is Clean

Even when one is simply using a consumer smartphone such as an iPhone to scan a QR code, the camera lens on such a device can be extremely susceptible to smudges and grime.

And as we’re sure you will already know, whatever specific barcode scanner or mobile computer you’re using, these are devices that can often be left in dusty and dirty environments. So, it is fair to say the muck can quickly accumulate and compromise the effectiveness of any incorporated barcode scanner.

As a general rule, a quick wipe with a lint-free microfibre cloth is likely to clean the camera lens just fine for the purposes of QR code scanning, so that the camera can better see the barcode. But to reaffirm what we said above, it is a good idea to read your device’s official user guide to make sure you’re following exactly the right procedure for cleaning.


Update Your Device’s Barcode Scanning Software

If you are trying to scan QR codes through a particular app on the device, you also ought to check whether the software in question is the latest version. If not, be sure to update it, before trying once more.

Even simply closing any additional, unneeded apps that are still running in the background, might be enough to get your device scanning QR codes correctly again, due to the memory this could free up.


Check That the Issue Isn’t with The QR Code Itself

You might feel a little silly if you spend an extended period of time talking to experts in Zebra, Motorola, or Symbol barcode scanner repair, only to realise that the problem all along was a specific QR code, or a batch of QR codes. Still, this gives you all the more reason to be proactive in investigating this possibility as soon as you encounter any issues.

QR codes might seem plain and simple enough, but there are so many things that can cause them to not scan correctly – for example, if they are blurry, the wrong data was entered in the creation of the QR code, or the QR code has expired. Some QR codes can also occasionally be over-customised, resulting in them not being scannable by devices such as the one you may be using.

In this article, we naturally haven’t covered everything that could possibly lead to your device failing to scan QR codes. But the good news is that if you’re still struggling with this, all is not lost. Our skilled professionals can take a look at your apparently faulty barcode scanner for you, providing free-of-charge assessment and a comprehensive repair – if needed – within three to five days.

Our 90-day repair guarantee should give you even greater peace of mind. So, why not contact us today to learn more about our complete service?

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