5 Tips That All MC9300 Users Should Follow

5 Tips That All MC9300 Users Should Follow

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If there is one line of mobile computers that has acquired somewhat legendary status down the years, it is the MC9000 Series. Millions of these devices are believed to be in use around the world, fulfilling vital processes such as parts tracking, the scanning of barcodes for inventory management, and the processing of product returns.

The history of the MC9000 Series goes all the way back to 2003, when the Symbol brand introduced the first MC9000, and there have been all manner of variants of this familiar favourite since then.

Along the way, Motorola acquired Symbol, before the enterprise division of Motorola (essentially what used to be Symbol) was acquired by Zebra Technologies in 2014. This helps to explain why you might see the Zebra MC93 sometimes referred to as the “Symbol MC9300” or the “Motorola MC9300”; it’s all very complicated.

But what of the MC9300? Well, this tough mobile computer’s launch in April 2019 ushered the venerable MC9000 Series into the Android age, and it was highly regarded from the get-go. Or to put it in the words of Conrad H. Blickenstorfer of RuggedPCreview.com, “the MC9300 is a tool for the job, a multi-function tool that’s as practical and versatile as a Swiss Army knife and just as indestructible.”

Naturally, your own organisation’s MC9300 computers being so durable shouldn’t be any excuse to misuse them, or to otherwise fail to get the best out of them. So, below, we have set out just five tips that users of the Motorola, Zebra, or Symbol MC9300 are advised to follow.


Use A Zebra Approved Stylus – Not A Pen or Pencil

When you’re in a rush and the appropriate stylus for your MC9300 isn’t anywhere to be seen, using a pen or pencil on the device screen should do the job just fine… right?

Alas, doing that is a brilliant way to scratch the screen of your MC9300, potentially only adding to the need for expensive repairs later.

So, you should be sure to only use a Zebra-approved capacitive touch panel compatible stylus that is actually designed for use on a touch-sensitive screen like that of the MC9300.


Avoid Exposing the Device to Temperature Extremes

This advice applies no less strongly to a lot of other mobile computers, but the MC9300’s reputation for ruggedness could cause users of this device to be a bit more reckless in this regard than they should be.

So, you are urged to keep your Zebra, Symbol, or Motorola MC9300 well away from heat sources, and you should certainly not be leaving it on a car dashboard on a hot day.


Clean The Device with A Soft Lens Cloth

A common issue with the MC9300 is the screen of the device becoming soiled; in the event that this happens, you are advised to use a soft cloth to clean it, moistened with an approved cleanser.

“What counts as an approved cleanser?”, we hear you ask… well, you will find more information on that under the “Approved Cleanser Active Ingredients” heading in your device’s user manual.

One of the requirements here is that 100% of the active ingredients in whatever cleaner you use must comprise one or some combination of the following: mild dish soap, isopropyl alcohol, or bleach/sodium hypochlorite. When products containing the latter are used, it is especially crucial to always follow the recommended instructions of the manufacturer.


Be Responsible in Your Use of The Battery

Again, this is something that is addressed in detail in the user guide for the Zebra MC93, so we will simply flag up a few tips under this heading.

When it comes to ensuring the best possible battery life and product performance, you should certainly be making sure the rechargeable battery in each device is periodically replaced.

There are a lot of things that you should be making sure of from a safety perspective, too, such as keeping the units well away from any debris and combustible materials or chemicals when they are being charged.

In order for the mobile device battery to be charged, the battery and charger temperatures must be between 0 degrees C and 40 degrees C (32 degrees F and 104 degrees F).


Delete Unused Memos and Records from The Device

With the accumulation of files stored on the device, it can be very easy to end up in a situation where a message appears on your MC9300’s screen, informing you that the device memory is full.

Of course, you could simply wait for such a message to appear before you delete unused memos, records, and perhaps even apps from the computer in order to free up space. But it is also good practice to do this anyway at regular intervals.

There you have it – five tips that will enable you to use your own Motorola, Zebra, or Symbol MC9300 more effectively and responsibly.

And don’t forget that if you do encounter issues with any of your organisation’s MC9300 computers and you fear a repair may be needed, you are always welcome to take advantage of our free-of-charge assessment service – and potential subsequent repair work – here at Mobile Computer Repair. It’s quick and easy to contact us,or fill out the form below.

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