What Problems Might You Have with Your Zebra MC3190?

What Problems Might You Have with Your Zebra MC3190?

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It shouldn’t be any great surprise that the Zebra MC3190 – also sometimes referred to as the Motorola or Symbol MC3190 – is so popular among mobile computers. Part of the MC3100 series, this rugged handheld RFID reader is highly regarded on account of its ruggedness, cost-effectiveness, advanced computing power, and impressive functionality with regard to all manner of key-based applications.

Whether it is used in a warehouse, retail store, loading dock or out in the yard, the Zebra MC3190 continues to prove its worth.

However, even a mobile computer as tough and dependable as the MC3190 can still present certain problems to users on a day-to-day basis. And with the device having now been discontinued by Zebra, if you do encounter a problem, it might be a tricky task for you to find suitable support resources online.

Naturally, we can’t address every potential query about a malfunctioning or below-par Zebra MC3190 in this blog post. Nonetheless, the below are some of the issues this device can present, and what you might do about them.

A Scratched or Otherwise Damaged Screen

This is naturally a common problem with a wide range of mobile computers, but the situation is no different when it comes to the Zebra MC3190.

The glass screen on the MC3190 can be susceptible to damage like scratching and gouges, so it is important to follow various ‘common-sense’ tips. These include having a suitable screen protector applied, as well as using the device’s supplied stylus or plastic-tipped pens when you do need to touch the screen. You should also be very careful not to drop or knock the device against anything.

The Device Not Turning On

It’s the most elementary of problems that a lot of mobile computer users tend to have, and thankfully, it’s one that is often quickly solved when the device in question is an MC3190.

A key cause of this issue is the main battery not being charged – in which case, you will just need to charge or replace the battery. Alternatively, the main battery might be failing to work due to faulty installation.

Alternatively, the device not turning on may be due to a system crash, to which you might respond by performing a ‘warm boot’. If this still doesn’t work to get the computer turned back on, a ‘cold boot’ may be required.

The Mobile Computer Not Accepting Scan Input

Again, this is one of the most fundamental issues that can arise with an MC3190, and there is a broad range of possible causes.

It might not be down to a malfunction with the device itself, though. So, it’s worth checking first that the barcode hasn’t been rendered unreadable due to the symbol having been defaced, as well as that you have got the distance between the scan window and the barcode correct. After all, no mobile computer will work if it isn’t within proper scanning range.

Other potential things at fault for an MC3190 failing to accept scan input include a low battery, a scanning application not having been loaded, or the device not having been programmed to generate a beep. In the event that you do expect a beep on a good decode, but you don’t hear a beep, you should check that the application is set to generate a beep on good decode.

The Mobile Computer Memory Being Full

Great numbers of Zebra MC3190 users are familiar with the experience of a message appearing, stating that the memory on their device is full.

This message tends to arise for one of two reasons: too many files being stored on the mobile computer, or too many applications being installed on it. So, you might look to tackle the issue by deleting memos and records you aren’t using, saving those records on the host computer if necessary… or you could remove installed, but unused applications from the device. This will enable you to recover memory, so that you can quickly get back on with using your MC3190.

We Can Carry Out Any Necessary Repairs to Your Zebra MC3190

As the above explanations show, not all the problems you could conceivably have with your Zebra, Symbol, or Motorola MC3190 will necessarily be ones attributable to any kind of malfunction of the actual device. Sometimes, a few straightforward steps will rapidly correct the issue.

Nonetheless, if you do have more fundamental problems with your MC3190 that might call for the attention of repair professionals, why not get in touch with the Mobile Computer Repair team today?

Befitting our name, we have an excellent reputation for Zebra mobile computer repair, and we would be pleased to provide advice, guidance, and a free-of-charge assessment service when you send us an email or call 01202 606070. 

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