What Are Some of The Common Problems Organisations Have with Label Printing?

What Are Some of The Common Problems Organisations Have with Label Printing?

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Defined as “equipment that prints names and addresses onto paper or labels used to address forms and envelopes”, label printers play an integral role within many organisations today.

While the consistent production of high-quality labels can bring considerable benefits for organisations and individuals, it can also be very easy to hit upon problems with label printing.

So, if that sounds like your situation, you might appreciate our advice below on how you can address some of the frequent issues that can arise during the label printing process.

The Labels Getting Jammed in The Printer

There are a few different potential reasons for the issue of labels becoming jammed in a label printer. It might simply be a situation of overly cheap, low-quality labels having been used, which can heighten the risk of the labels ending up stuck inside the printer, and needing to be peeled off.

However, there can be other possibly contributing factors to this problem. You might, for instance, have been storing your labels in a roll or bent, which could cause some of the labels to begin peeling off the sheet, even before they have gone anywhere near a printer. Thankfully, simply storing the labels somewhere flat can help prevent this from occurring.

A further common cause of label jams is the printer involved not having been cleaned recently. The accumulation of dirt and dust inside a printer over time, as well as residual ink and toner, can heighten the risk of jams. So, you should try thoroughly cleaning the interior of your printer before you reach out to our own experts in Epson, Zebra, or Seiko label printer repair.

Smudged Ink or Flaky Toner on The Labels

Smeared ink is a classic indicator of the ink on the labels taking too long to dry. The way to solve this problem will depend on whether a laser printer or inkjet device is being used.

If, for instance, you’re using an inkjet printer and are experiencing ink smearing on your labels, it may be the standard print settings being too high – and the label paper therefore being saturated with ink – that is to blame. You might be able to eliminate this issue, then, by simply navigating to the relevant quality setting for your device, and reducing it.

On the other hand, you might be using a laser printer, and you may have encountered issues with the toner flaking off the labels. This may be attributable to you having set too light a material setting, which can result in the toner failing to bond to the material correctly. If this is indeed the case, the issue might be resolved if you just alter the material setting to something thicker.

The Labels are not water-resistant

It might seem a curious thing for a company specialising in Zebra, Seiko, or Epson receipt printer repair – such as Mobile Computer Repair – to say, that not every issue you have with label printing will necessarily have much (or anything) to do with the machine you are using.

One other frequent problem, for example, is an individual or organisation having gorgeous-looking labels created for items such as bottles… only for those bottles to then become wet, with the labels consequently slipping off, soaked.

This is due to the simple issue of a lot of label materials not being waterproof. So, when you are shopping for such materials and you know the label will come into contact with liquid, you should keep a lookout for water-resistant options, such as waterproof paper labels or plastic labels.

While many of the issues that commonly arise with label printing can be solved in a few steps, there are also various other potential problems that might necessitate the attention of experts in the repair of label printers and similar devices.

To receive advice from our own team at Mobile Computer Repair on any malfunctioning you are encountering with your own label printer, mobile computer, or barcode scanner, please feel free to contact us by phone or email today.