5 Ways in Which Mobile Computers Can Optimise Your Firm’s Supply Chain

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Mobile technology has evolved tremendously over the years, and apart from the significance of mobile devices in our everyday lives, they are also being used in businesses, including for supply chain management.

At Mobile Computer Repair, we specialise in mobile computer and scanner repairs in the UK, helping to ensure your organisation’s mobile devices maintain their performance and reliability. After all, such mobile devices may play an integral role in your firm’s supply chain.

In fact, below, we have set out five ways in which mobile computers can optimise the business supply chain:

1. Location Tracking

More often than not, GPS is integrated with today’s mobile computers, which enables users to track the precise locations of goods.

Not only does this provide information about the journey of a given organisation’s shipments, but modern technology makes it possible for optimal routes to be predicted. As a result, goods can be delivered on time, meeting customer expectations, and improving overall efficiency.

2. Asset Management

Advanced mobile systems offer real-time asset tracking, with the development of portable and hand-held barcode scanners. These scanners are a more efficient and effective way of managing inventory and assets, usually connected to inventory databases and logistics systems. In turn, you will be able to expect better visibility when it comes to your stock.

In addition to this, the information that is entered into these databases can be used to assist with asset maintenance and asset allocation, providing you with insights that could be used to inform future decisions.

3. Reporting

Mobile computers also offer exceptional reporting capabilities, with the ability to input and share a wide range of data and information into the system.

This means that reports on various aspects of the supply chain can be generated. This offers numerous insights that can be utilised for identifying opportunities and weaknesses that need to be addressed.

In doing this, you can optimise each stage of your firm’s supply chain, maximising operational efficiency.

4. Information Flow

Before the advent of mobile technology in supply chain management, supply chain teams relied on manual methods. These methods were often error-prone and time-consuming, making them an inefficient way to handle information. Just think of how much paperwork would be required to effectively manage the supply chain.

With the emergence of mobile technology, supply chain teams can now use mobile devices to input and store critical information and data, utilising a digital system that does not rely on physical paperwork. Not only can this help automate some processes, but it can also save time and effort, allowing the team to focus on other tasks.

Plus, it significantly reduces errors, and can be integrated with other software applications and platforms for more transparent and comprehensive supply chain management.

5. Visibility

As previously mentioned, mobile technology practically guarantees better visibility when it comes to your goods and services. This is perhaps one of the key benefits of mobile computers to take into account, because with improved visibility, you can take advantage of customer demand.

Visibility is crucial to creating accurate forecasts and plans in terms of anticipating demand – knowing which products are in demand can help with sourcing and distributing goods on time. In the long run, this might even involve cost savings.

Repairs & Maintenance

As you can see, mobile computers offer a myriad of benefits for businesses’ supply chains that you can reap. At Mobile Computer Repair, we can assist with repairs and maintenance for your mobile device, including devices from renowned brands such as Motorola, Honeywell, Datalogic, and more.

In the event that you require Datalogic scanner support or scanner repairs in the UK, we have got you covered. To learn more about our services or to request our assessment service (free of charge), please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.