Should Your Business Use Handheld Terminals?

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Handheld terminals are a technology that many businesses are aware of but might not use. Sometimes, business owners don’t see the point, but this might mean they miss out on the opportunity to manage, oversee and organise their business more effectively.

Just because we have easy access to mobile phones and supercomputers, doesn’t mean that handheld terminals don’t serve an exceedingly valuable purpose.

So, we decided to answer the million-pound question: should your business use handheld terminals? The short answer is “yes”, and here’s why.

  1. Time is Money

    Handheld terminals, such as the Motorola MC9190, are renowned for being brilliant organisational tools, whether you use them to keep track of your appointments or to scan products as they enter your warehouse. In business, time is money, and you won’t want to waste time keeping track of the flow of your stock through paper format, or long indexes on a computer.

    Investing in a handheld terminal means that all the numerical details regarding your business really can be stored in the palm of your hand! No time wasted, and every expense saved.

  2. Data Connectivity

    Handheld terminals have a degree of data connectivity that even smartphones struggle to match. Warehouses, and even many office premises, are known for bad WiFi connection.

    If you have an urgent customer enquiry or appointment, you shouldn’t need to spend hours waiting for better WiFi! Instead, rely on your handheld terminal that can find a signal almost anywhere.

  3. Good For The Environment

    Now more than ever, customers look towards businesses that show care for the environment. In the past, your business might have gone through sheets upon sheets of paper keeping an eye on stock, accounts and whatever else – damaging quite a few trees in the process.

    Handheld terminals allow you to reduce your paper usage significantly, pleasing potential customers and making your employees’ lives a lot easier – after all, they no longer have to worry about losing memos or important documents.


Which Handheld Terminal Should Your Business Use?

Now that you know your business should use handheld terminals, we’re here to shed light on what type of handheld terminal is a ‘must buy’. There are so many available on the market, that it can be hard to decide on your own.

Here at Mobile Computer Repair, we are happy to recommend the complete range of Motorola products. They are a renowned telecommunications company, with products that have a premium-quality reputation.

Highly functional, with multiple diverse uses, these terminals boast the power of a mobile, camera, barcode scanner, walkie-talkie, and portable computer all in one.

A sleek and ergonomic, yet durable design complements the vast array of features. They’re rugged devices, so long drops of up to four feet are no issue, and connectivity is rather impressive. 


When You Need a Handheld Terminal Repair, Place Your Trust in Professionals

In the unfortunate event that your handheld terminal is in need of repair, there are talented companies that can help get your terminal back up to standard. For example, Mobile Computer Repair oversees an extensive range of handheld terminal repair projects – from touchscreen faults to power supply issues, we can handle it all.

Repairs should be speedy and efficient. After all, you don’t want your business to be left in limbo without your greatest organisational tool! Fortunately, Mobile Computer Repair can carry out a handheld terminal repair in a timely and reliable fashion.

Rest assured, repairs undertaken by our team will give you long-lasting results. Don’t worry about keeping your business in check without your handheld terminal any longer.