How Using a PDA Can Benefit Your Business

How Using a PDA Can Benefit Your Business? | Mobile Computer Repair - Barcode Scanner & Handheld Terminal Repair

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Business owners are constantly looking for ways to help improve their operations and achieve more efficient work. Competition is a defining feature of the business world, so you do really need to be on top of your game if you are to reel in and retain customers. Using a PDA can help with staying ahead of the curve, but what exactly is it?


What is a PDA?

PDA stands for ‘personal digital assistant’. Also known as a handheld PC, palmtop computer or portable digital assistant, a PDA acts as a personal organiser with the ability to provide email and Internet access.

Unfortunately, PDAs have been displaced by the adoption of evolving smartphones that use iOS and Android technology – but this doesn’t mean that PDAs can’t still benefit your business. PDAs remain a must-have technology for many of those at the helm of influential companies, and their organisational capabilities are unmatched.


PDA Terminal Capabilities

From keeping track of logistics and manufacturing to marketing and inventory management, here’s how using a PDA can benefit your business…

  1. Connectivity
    PDAs have extensive network connectivity, and certain PDAs can ensure you are always well-informed about what’s happening with your business, given their email and messaging capabilities. They remove the need to rely on a bulky computer for Internet access, allowing your business to be more productive wherever you are.

  2. Portability
    A PDA terminal can be carried in the palm of your hand, ready to be used throughout your working day. When you need quick access to appointments or inventory, the PDA is right there whenever you need it. Businesses move fast, but PDAs can move faster.

  3. Organisation
    Of course, a PDA terminal is highly valuable for its organisational abilities alone. Enjoy calendar and list applications, check out your notes and appointments on the go, archive old data, and more. PDAs can replace confusing paper lists, business cards, and other outdated forms of organising information for a business.

  4. Status
    PDAs can elevate the status of your business, in the eyes of your employees and potential consumers. Company-issued PDAs tend to be reserved for high-level employees, signifying a position of some authority. Customers see this and automatically assume you’re well-equipped to answer any query they may have and address their every need. PDAs also testify to the technological knowledge of your business: you know about the latest must-have technology, and how to use it. This is inviting, whether you provide a product or service, as we live in a techno-focused age.

  5. Go paperless
    An often-overlooked benefit of investing in a PDA is the fact that your business can go paperless as a result. Paper is a major expense in a commercial setting and reducing your paper usage should be a priority – not only for your business bank account but also for our broader environment. Forget about masses of paper organisers, files, lists, and more with a useful PDA.

PDA Terminal Repair

Most of all, PDAs can be easily repaired when disaster strikes, as long as you turn to suitably capable professionals. Here at Mobile Computer Repair, we specialise in bespoke PDA repair – when you notice your PDA terminal lagging, or simply not functioning as it should, we can have you covered. It’s important that your PDA is always in tip-top shape, otherwise, how will you stay organised? Fortunately, our team has insight into common and unusual faults. From a broken touchscreen display or buttons on the blink to faulty scan engines and any power-related issues, we are skilled and knowledgeable in fixing a wide range of problems, so you can be sure that your PDA will be returned to full operation quickly.

Rest easy in the knowledge that, with a PDA in perfect condition, your business can keep running as smoothly as ever. Reach out to us today, so that you can soon benefit from the highest standard of PDA repair