6 Ways to Get More Out of Your Zebra QLn Series Mobile Printer

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There are a lot of mobile printers available on the market from various brands. But when you are on the lookout for a mobile printer that is as rugged as it is innovatively designed and sophisticated in its feature set, there are arguably few better options than those in Zebra’s QLn Series range.

Indeed, you might have one or several of these printers – such as the QLn420, QLn320, or QLn220 – in use on your organisation’s premises already. But are you getting the very best out of this renowned mobile computer range?

If you suspect the answer to that question might be “no”, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can extract greater usefulness, efficiency, and reliability out of your Zebra QLn Series device.


Familiarise Yourself with The Printer’s Controls

Your Zebra QLn Series printer will incorporate a keypad control panel and an LCD graphical user interface.

The standard control panel, for instance, features multiple control buttons and two multipurpose indicators, while the Power Button allows the device to be turned on and off, and the Media Feed Button advances a length of media, determined by the media type being used.

You will find more in-depth information on the printer’s controls in the official Zebra QLn Series user guide, and you should be educating yourself on these controls and what they do, before you start operating the device.


Use A Soft Case to Carry the Printer from Your Belt

Much of the whole point of acquiring a mobile computer, of course, is to have a device that can be easily moved from location to another.

On this front, you might be interested to know that there are soft cases available for the QLn Series that enable you to carry the printer from your belt.

To find the latest deals for these cases online, look up the relevant accessory kit numbers; in the case of the QLn420, it is P1050667-017, while for the QLn320, it is P1031365-029, and the QLn220’s is P1031365-044.  


Follow The Recommended Steps to Extend Battery Life

As set out in the user guide for the QLn Series, Zebra has outlined various ways to help ensure the battery on your mobile printer lasts for longer.

Such steps include – but are not limited to – ensuring the battery is never exposed to direct sunlight or temperatures of above 40 degrees C (104 degrees F) when charging, and always using a Zebra charger that has been designed specifically with Lithium-Ion batteries in mind.

The company also urges QLn Series printer users to only use the correct media for their printing requirements, as well as to choose the correct print darkness, and print speed for their media.

Learn The Correct Ways to Clean the Device

Again, we can’t cover every aspect of responsible cleaning of a Zebra QLn Series printer here; more in-depth information can be found in the relevant user guide.  

Still, you should certainly be taking your time to educate yourself on the recommended cleaning methods if you want your device to be well-cleaned and to last for as long as possible.

When you are cleaning the printhead, for example, you should only use a Zebra cleaning pen – which is not supplied with the printer, but can be purchased online – or a cotton swab with 90% medical grade alcohol.

Also bear in mind that the printhead can become very hot after an extended period of time printing. So, you should allow it to cool off before you attempt to clean it.


Replace The Battery When Needed

Although, above, we set out some of the ways you can help maximise the battery’s lifespan when used in your Zebra QLn Series printer, it should be appreciated that for batteries more than a year old, a short charge life might simply be due to normal ageing.

In that case, you may need to think about replacing the battery to help ensure you don’t have to recharge it too frequently.


If You’re in Doubt About a Problem, Get It Looked at By a Repair Professional

While Zebra’s support resources are excellent, you might find that no matter what you do, an apparent malfunction with your QLn Series printer can’t be fixed simply by changing a setting on the device.  

In situations where going through the usual troubleshooting processes doesn’t seem to work, our team here at Mobile Computer Repair is available to take a closer look at your device, and to carry out the repair work that might be necessary to get it back operating at full health.

So, whether you need a Zebra QLn420 repair, or it’s a QLn320 or QLn220 that you’re having issues with, please don’t hesitate to email us today, or to call 01202 606070. We take pride in offering the complete, quick Zebra printer repair service from our facility in Poole, UK.

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