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The most popular Seiko mobile computers, barcode scanners and printers we repair are detailed below.
If your faulty device is not listed please contact us for assistance.

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MCR's experienced in-house technicians repair an extensive range of mobile computers and barcode scanners covering devices manufactured by Seiko and other leading brands. Our free of charge assessment service and flexible pricing options ensure a cost effective repair. Due to our extensive spare part inventory and diverse supplier network, the fast repair turnaround time is three to five working days and is complimented by our FastTrack service providing a twenty four hour turnaround for time critical repairs. All repaired devices are subject to our rigorous functional testing, cleaning and independent quality inspection prior to despatch and are accompanied with our 90 day repair guarantee. For further information, or to arrange a repair, please contact us for assistance.

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Seiko printer repair

Founded in Tokyo in 1881, Seiko has since grown into a major corporation offering a wide range of tech products. These have included printers intended for enterprise purposes. The Seiko printers that we can fix here at Mobile Computer Repair include the BTL5002, DPU-S245, DPU-S445, MP-A40, and SLP-650 models - and you can contact us if you have a different Seiko model requiring repair.


A thermal monochrome printer that can easily be transported, the BTL5002 allows your business to print easily, quickly, and affordably. It can be connected to a Windows PC or Mac via USB, and its user-friendly design makes loading or changing labels on this device easy.

The BTL5002 can be readily used with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access; capture webcam images straight to the label; and print barcodes that can be scanned. The machine is 4.5 inches in width, nearly 7 inches deep, and almost 6 inches high.


This compact, lightweight device in the DPU-S Series can print at a hundred millimetres per second on paper measuring 2 inches - 58mm - wide. This makes it ideal for mobile applications; it is compatible with the operating systems Windows CE 5.0 and Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0, while an Android SDK is also available. The DPU-S245 also supports various versions of desktop Windows. Paper rolls can be easily and quickly replaced in this small machine, which also supports alphanumeric, barcode, and graphic printing.


The Seiko DPU-S445 handheld thermal printer delivers high print quality at a fast speed. Due to its durability and reliability, it is the perfect companion to a wide range of mobile computers.

Due to its small form factor and light weight, the Seiko DPU-S445 is often the favoured mobile printer for intensive field applications including traffic enforcement, warehouse inventory, and medical environments. The user experience over the duration of a working shift, especially when used with a carry case, can be greatly enhanced when compared to some of the heavier and bulkier printers that are available from other manufacturers.


Built to be useful in rough conditions, the resilient and stylish MP-A40 is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android and can reach a maximum printing speed of 105 millimetres per second. It is also capable of withstanding multiple drops from as high as 2 metres and has a protection rating of IP54. This device, the connectivity options with which include Bluetooth and USB, can be simply operated due largely to its large control buttons.


This thermal printer can be connected with Windows and macOS and, per minute, easily print text and graphics on as many as 50 address labels. You don't need any ink, toner, or ribbons; however, if the device breaks, you might need a third-party Seiko label printer repair service.

AtMobile Computer Repair, we can provide that service - and for the BTL5002, DPU-S245, DPU-S445, and MP-A40 models, too. Our website details bothhow you can arrange for a repair and steps that the repair service will involve.