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The most popular Nordic ID mobile computers, barcode scanners and printers we repair are detailed below.
If your faulty device is not listed please contact us for assistance.

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Fast, high quality, cost effective repair service

MCR's experienced in-house technicians repair an extensive range of mobile computers and barcode scanners covering devices manufactured by Nordic ID and other leading brands. Our free of charge assessment service and flexible pricing options ensure a cost effective repair. Due to our extensive spare part inventory and diverse supplier network, the fast repair turnaround time is three to five working days and is complimented by our FastTrack service providing a twenty four hour turnaround for time critical repairs. All repaired devices are subject to our rigorous functional testing, cleaning and independent quality inspection prior to despatch and are accompanied with our 90 day repair guarantee. For further information, or to arrange a repair, please contact us for assistance.

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Nordic ID Repair

Since its 1986 establishment, Nordic ID has become a major provider of RFID technology. The company makes mobile devices with which many of today's companies identify and track RFID - radio-frequency identification - tags. These tags are used in various industries including the automotive, pharmaceuticals, and farming industries. Thus, it can be serious problematic when Nordic ID-made RFID readers stop working. Fortunately, we can fix many Nordic ID devices.

Examples of Nordic ID Products we can Repair

At Mobile Computer Repair, we can help many businesses by repairing faulty devices made by various companies. Those companies include the big names Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and Honeywell. Other firms devices of which we are capable of fixing include Psion, Bluebird, Intermec, and Symbol. Then, there's Nordic ID, which makes the barcode readers in its RF product line.

These lightweight and, therefore, easy-to-carry readers can reliably gather real-time data. They also allow for easy, one-hand operation and can be owned inexpensively, making them financially palatable to deploy widely among a workforce. The product range includes the RF601, which can securely transfer data due to its 433 MHz radio and use of Nordic ID proprietary protocol. The device also has a site survey feature built in, making finding optimal base station mounting points easy.

Another of the Nordic ID RF devices is the RF651, which allows barcode data to be quickly and easily amassed through Bluetooth. The RF651 is easy to install, too; it comes with a receiver BluetoothDongle that connects to the computer that runs the host application. Operating as a ThinClient, the device allows gathered data to be immediately added to the backend system.

Fixing both the RF601 and RF651 is within our remit. However, if you have a non-functional Nordic ID device which isn't either of those models, please reach out to us nonetheless. We might still have the ability to assist you with having that machine put back in working order.

Draw upon our technicians' experience and expertise

Our Nordic ID repair service has two main phases: the free assessment and the repairing itself. The assessment is carried out by one of the in-house technicians here at Mobile Computer Repair.

Then, a PDF copy of a repair quotation is sent by email. It's your choice whether or not to continue going ahead with the repair service; if, for whatever reason, you indicate that you won't, the unfixed devices will be dispatched back without you needing to pay any charge.

Alternatively, you could indicate a willingness for us to proceed with the repairs. In that instance, we will, after completing the repair work, put your device through a quality inspection, place it securely into new packaging, and deliver it on the next working day. The consignment is something you will be capable of fully tracking when you access our web portal.

Keep in mind that, if you would like us to obtain your device through collection instead of next-day courier delivery, we offer a completely insured service for collecting from any UK address.