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The most popular Metrologic mobile computers, barcode scanners and printers we repair are detailed below.
If your faulty device is not listed please contact us for assistance.

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Fast, high quality, cost effective repair service

MCR's experienced in-house technicians repair an extensive range of mobile computers and barcode scanners covering devices manufactured by Metrologic and other leading brands. Our free of charge assessment service and flexible pricing options ensure a cost effective repair. Due to our extensive spare part inventory and diverse supplier network, the fast repair turnaround time is three to five working days and is complimented by our FastTrack service providing a twenty four hour turnaround for time critical repairs. All repaired devices are subject to our rigorous functional testing, cleaning and independent quality inspection prior to despatch and are accompanied with our 90 day repair guarantee. For further information, or to arrange a repair, please contact us for assistance.

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Metrologic Scanner Repairs Services That You Can Rely On

If your company uses retail point-of-sale scanners, they very plausibly could have been manufactured by Metrologic, which has developed a great reputation for making such devices. However, while Metrologic scanners have become renowned for the quality of the scanning technology inside, these devices are not entirely immune from breaking.

It would obviously be inconvenient if Metrologic scanners that your firm heavily relied on did break. Thankfully, however, it's possible to get such devices repaired both quickly and to a high standard. Our technicians have the expertise to ensure this.

Examples of Metrologic Ccanners That we can Repair

Different retail businesses can have different barcode scanning requirements and, therefore, choose to use different types of scanners. We have taken account of this by ensuring our readiness for repairing a broad variety of Metrologic scanners.

These include such versatile scanners as the MS3780 Fusion, the primary 20-line scan pattern of which enables it to scan barcodes whatever the orientation. The device can also be left in its provided stand for hands-free operation. We can also tend to the MS5145 Eclipse, a handheld scanner integrating CodeGate, allowing users to more easily and quickly scan barcodes.

Our Metrologic barcode scanner repair services further extend to the MS7120 Orbit and MS7180 Orbit products. The first of those delivers a performance that, in quality, could far surpass expectations given the scanner's small size. The device has holographic technology allowing more precise focusing of the scanner, making it suitable for use in areas lacking counter space.

The Metrologic MS7180 is also well-suited in such areas. Plus, it has a scanning head for tilting by up to 30 degrees; thus, it can be easier to scan objects varying in size and shape. We can also repair Metrologic scanners in the MS95 range. Repair-eligible inclusions in that range include the MS9540 Voyager, which uses CodeGate; the MS9520 Voyager, a lower-end variant sans CodeGate; and the MS9590 Voyager, which has an especially ergonomic design for maximum comfort.

However, we emphasise that, if you have a Metrologic scanner not mentioned above, repairing it might remain within our ability. We warmly invite you to contact us to learn whether we can help.

How the Metrologic Barcode Scanner Repair Service Works

Our website features a thorough rundown of what to expect from our barcode scanner repair service. This service covers scanners from various companies, not just Metrologic - and the whole process has been set up with the aim of ensuring a hitch-free experience for you.

Once you have sent your broken device to us and we have assessed its condition, we will send you, by email, a quotation for repairing it. You will be able to see details of the repairs and the price you would have to pay for them. If you opt not to proceed, we can return the device. None of these particular services will come with a fee; you will only pay for repairs after you have expressly agreed to go ahead with them. This can help your peace of mind.