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The most popular Honeywell mobile computers, barcode scanners and printers we repair are detailed below.
If your faulty device is not listed please contact us for assistance.

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MCR's experienced in-house technicians repair an extensive range of mobile computers and barcode scanners covering devices manufactured by Honeywell and other leading brands. Our free of charge assessment service and flexible pricing options ensure a cost effective repair. Due to our extensive spare part inventory and diverse supplier network, the fast repair turnaround time is three to five working days and is complimented by our FastTrack service providing a twenty four hour turnaround for time critical repairs. All repaired devices are subject to our rigorous functional testing, cleaning and independent quality inspection prior to despatch and are accompanied with our 90 day repair guarantee. For further information, or to arrange a repair, please contact us for assistance.

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Honeywell repair

Honeywell is a major name in the tech sphere. The American multinational conglomerate, headquartered in the New Jersey-based Morris Plains, makes a huge range of products for consumers, businesses and governments. Honeywell's success with these products has helped it to preserve its impressive position as a Fortune 100 company.

The high quality of Honeywell-branded mobile devices could lead your business to become heavily reliant on them. Therefore, it can clearly be problematic if any of these devices become faulty. At Mobile Computer Repair, we have the expertise to quickly carry out Honeywell repair services.

Your handheld computers can sing like a Dolphin

Honeywell's Dolphin range of mobile devices has significant plus points for various organisations. These devices frequently integrate rich functionality and reliability in enclosures sufficiently rugged to withstand accidental drops and so resist inadvertent damage.

However, the many different functions and features built into these devices leave open a lot of potential for technical issues to emerge. The black Dolphin 70e uses smartphone-like capacitive touch technology in its screen, speedy wireless connectivity for preserving on-the-go workers' access to critical data, and a turnkey remote device management solution called Remote MasterMind.

This solution and the fast wireless connectivity are also available for the Dolphin 7800, which has been designed specifically for use in industrial settings. As such, it comes in an easy-to-carry casing leaving space for a QWERTY keyboard allowing quick and easy data entry.

Designed instead for applications in logistics and transportation is the Dolphin 99EX. Workers can become more efficient due to its ease of use; it integrates a large screen that can be viewed outdoors and multiple options for its physical keypad. It also comes with Adaptus Imaging Technology 6.0, with which digital images and electronic signatures can be captured.

This technology, which also allows linear and 2D barcodes to be speedily read, features in the Dolphin 99GX as well. This device is built for frontline workers in various settings - including, for replenishing stock, warehouse loading docks and retail shopping aisles. It also features an integrated handle, making it even easier to use.

We can repair those devices and many others, too

Other Honeywell Dolphin mobile computers that we can repair include the 5100, 6000, 6100, 6500, 7600, 7850, 7900, 9500, 9550, 9700, 9900 and 9950 models. We can also provide Honeywell barcode scanner repair services for IT3800-LR and IT5800-SR devices, which can be used for reading images. However, we have mentioned only the most popular Honeywell devices that we can repair; if you have another such device that requires repair but hasn't been mentioned on this page, we invite you to get in touch with us, as we might still be able to assist.

Once you have sent a broken Honeywell device to our repair centre, we can assess its condition - at no financial charge to you - before citing a choice of flexible prices. The turnaround time for repair is only three to five working days, which shortens to 24 hours if the repairs are time critical.