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Get back up to speed thanks to our Datalogic Skorpio Repair services

When you want rich functionality at your fingertips on the retail floor or in the warehouse of your company, a Datalogic Skorpio mobile computer can meet this end. Whether you have the original Datalogic Skorpio or the more recent Datalogic Skorpio X3, you can have faultiness in either device rectified when you utilise our technical expertise.

The birth of a powerful mobile computer

The original Datalogic Skorpio was released with Microsoft's Windows CE 5.0 operating system preinstalled. That system's interface and its colourful graphics can be effectively seen and used on the Skorpio's large touch screen display, itself housed in a rugged body that reaches IP64 protection class and is capable of surviving drops of up to 1.5 metres - or five feet.

Indeed, the device has been built to withstand multiple drops, repeated tumbles and strong shocks. Therefore, its functionality - including its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, through which information systems like WPA and WPA2 can be interacted with - can long be used.

What is different with the Datalogic Skorpio X3?

The first-generation Datalogic Skorpio also features a 38-key physical keypad, including both alpha and numeric keys, for speedy input of codes, data and descriptions. A physical keypad with the same number of keys is also available with the more modern Datalogic Skorpio X3. Through its 3.2-inch high-visibility display, this machine shows the interface of either Windows CE 6.0 or Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.

The Skorpio X3 has also been made in 28-numeric-key and 50-alphanumeric-key versions. However, whichever version of the Skorpio X3 is chosen, it will match the original Skorpio's drop resistance and protection class. Furthermore, like that Skorpio, the Skorpio X3 features Datalogic's patented Green Spot technology with which good-read feedback is possible.

What our Datalogic Skorpio repair services can involve

Despite the protective features of these devices, faults or damage in either should not be deemed completely beyond possibility. Complacency in this area risks your business not only unnecessarily compromising the proper functioning of these devices but also struggling to discern how they should be repaired.

If your company instead knew - from the moment that it noticed a fault one of its devices - how to have that fault rectified, then the whole episode could be a mere hiccup in your firm's operations. At Mobile Computer Repair, we can provide Datalogic Skorpio repair services where the turnaround takes just three to five working days.

So, your company does not need to be without these useful machines for an inconveniently lengthy period of time. Still, after sending us a problem Datalogic Skorpio and allowing us to judge how much our repair of it would cost you, it remains your decision whether the repairs indeed proceed. A PDF copy of our repair quotation can assist you here.

Reject this quotation, and you will receive the unfixed device back without needing to make any monetary outlay even for the return postage cost. Accept the quotation, however, and you can look forward to a repair that we will back with a 90-day guarantee.

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MCR's experienced in-house technicians repair an extensive range of mobile computers and barcode scanners covering devices manufactured by Datalogic and other leading brands. Our free of charge assessment service and flexible pricing options ensure a cost effective repair. Due to our extensive spare part inventory and diverse supplier network, the fast repair turnaround time is three to five working days and is complimented by our FastTrack service providing a twenty four hour turnaround for time critical repairs. All repaired devices are subject to our rigorous functional testing, cleaning and independent quality inspection prior to despatch and are accompanied with our 90 day repair guarantee. For further information, or to arrange a repair, please contact us for assistance.

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