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Data Collection Terminals Repair

Data collection terminals - or portable data terminals, as they can otherwise be called - can often be used in large stores, hospitals or warehouses, or even in the field, for remotely accessing databases. They are suitable for real-time collecting and capturing of data - and, as they are so useful, it can be seriously problematic when they become faulty. Thankfully, at Mobile Computer Repair , we have an experienced team who can repair data collection terminals for the benefit of our customers.

Don't underestimate the convenience of data collection terminals

There are various situations in which data collection terminals can prove invaluable. For example, factories and production facilities of many different sizes can extend their office production systems to the factory floor, where real-time changes and updates can prevent data being duplicated.

Furthermore, factors including increasing regulations and demands for better customer service have led to the necessity of moving more items through warehouses and distribution centres and capturing even more data about those items. Portable data terminals can help workers in these facilities to more easily verify that items are shipped to the appropriate customers as required.

Repairs that are speedy but effective

Therefore, should data collection terminals routinely used by your company suddenly develop faults, the resulting inconvenience can be significant. You can, however, at least lessen the severity of your struggles by arranging for those devices to be repaired quickly but effectively - and that's certainly possible when you deliver those items to us here at Mobile Computer Repair.

At our repair centre in Poole, we already fix more than 600 devices monthly. Furthermore, we have customers from many parts of the United Kingdom and Europe - you don't need to be based in or beside Poole to be able to reap benefits of our repair service, the standard turnaround duration of which is a mere three to five working days. We know that, for many businesses, time is of the essence - and so we take account of this with the service that we offer.

How our assessment and repair services work

If you have a data collection terminal that is broken but we can repair, you can have us put that device through an initial assessment at no financial cost to you. When you use this service, one of our technicians will look over the device and then email you a repair quotation as a PDF file. You can then review the quoted repairs before deciding whether to go ahead with the costs that we will charge for them. This way, you can avoid nasty financial surprises.

Should you indeed approve of these costs, we can collect your terminal from any location in the UK. Alternatively, you can ship the gadget, along with covering paperwork, straight to our repair facility. We are confident that our data collection repairs service will leave a lasting positive impression on you, and so we urge you to get in touch by telephone, email or the contact form on our website.

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Flexible service options

The flexibility of individual repairs and the convenience of annual maintenance cover

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Nationalwide repair centre for mobile computers and barcode scanners

Fast, high quality, cost effective business to business out-of-warranty repair service

Repairing over 600 devices per month

Help is Just a Click Away

We understand that a faulty barcode scanner or PDA can affect your business operations.

Don't worry, help is only a click away.

With us, you can arrange a repair service through a phone call, email, online form or our web portal.

Again, we offer a nationwide collection service. A same-day collection is available for all repairs logged before 11 AM.

You can also set the date of pick-up depending on your schedule.

Your device will be delivered to our repair centre for a free assessment a day after our courier collecs.

No-Obligation Service Quote

Once your device arrives in our repair centre, one of our experienced technicians will assess it and prepare a no-obligation repair quotation.

We will email this quote to you for your approval. If you wish not to proceed with the service for any reason, our team will return the unrepaired device to you at no charge.

With us, you don’t have to worry, knowing you won't pay for any repair job you’re not aware of before the service.

Prompt, Expert Repair

Our technicians expertly fix over 600 devices per month for a diverse customer base.

We've catered to the mobile computer repair needs of those from the manufacturing, healthcare, software and retail industries.

Our team has years of experience working directly with major industry manufacturers in the data collection and mobile computing market.

Whatever the technical issue of your tablet or barcode scanner is, we can fix it.

Moreover, we perform the repair service fast. After repair, your device will undergo quality inspection.

From there, our team will place it in brand new packaging before dispatching it back to you the following day.

Guaranteed Fix

From collection to actual repair, our services are guaranteed. Our nationwide collection services are fully insured; there's no need to worry about device loss or further damage.

We stand by the quality of our repair work. Still, all our repair services come with a 90-day guarantee.

In the unlikely event that your device fails after the repair, we will cover the service and parts associated with the recent fix.

Get Your Mobile Device Fixed

Whether the issue is a jammed power button or faulty data input, our technicians have you covered.

We help restore your operations with a perfectly working data collection terminal, PDA or mobile printer.

After all, we support virtually all makes and models of mobile computers and barcode scanners.

Ready to have us pick up and fix your broken mobile device? Give us more information about your device to get started.

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90 Day Guarantee

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